LTG ::9 Months::


Oh hey 9 months. As long on the outside as you were on the inside. I like you better on the outside :). It’s getting much harder to take your picture for these things…all it takes is one second for you to throw yourself overboard…(which has happened…doh)…but I’ve learned that if I give you something to play with…I get at least 2.5 minutes out of you.

It is fascinating to watch you take in this world, learn how it works, and make your way through it. You are soaking in everything…while soaking yourself with an excessive amount of drool. Those 4 new teeth you got this month have made their presence known…how long til we add to your lil family of pearly whites? Can I get at least a month? Please?

The next few months I know are gonna zoom by with the holidays and before I know it, you’ll be one…Oh fun.

Stay tuned for excessive amount of halloween pics in the coming weeks :).

Sup mom.
Sup mom.

sb2 sb3

Theres a ghost in my hallway.
Theres a ghost in my hallway.

sb5 sb6

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