Officially one of “those”….

I became one of “those” moms. Ya know what I’m talking about…you’ve seen them…they’re all over. The ones that enter kids in contests in hopes of winning money, begging you for likes and comments and shares and all that jazz. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this….and then…it happened.

Gerber’s photo contest popped into my news feed and I thought…oh…why not. I figured it wasn’t nearly as bad because it required no likes or shares or comments and so we entered.

I have zero confidence that we’ll even be considered, but the option to win some g’s for little g’s (see how that works) future is “unpassupable”…made that word up.

The guidelines for this thing are tricky. The kid has to be wearing clothes (half of my pics of luke are him topless…doh) and it can’t look professional…(well shiz.). Fortunately the one I picked passed the test, cuz WE’RE IN.

Wish us luck ya’ll.


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