LTG ::8 Months::

Remember how I said I would have time for continuous updates, pictures, and such when I went back to work? That clearly has proven to be a false promise… but well call it a win that I’m only a day late on this “monthly” update stuff.


This month we kicked up the moving. Still not on all fours, but you’re close. You rock back in forth in your crib, but no where else yet…I’m sure its coming. I’m not sure I’m ready for that…but it’s coming.

Look at that smug smile…wheres he get that from…#bothofus

sb1 sb2 sb3 sb5 sb6



DSC_8947You are getting curiouser and curiouser. Things you used to leave alone. Now fascinate you. We aren’t baby proofed yet…you’re gonna make that necessary now though aren’t ya. You nearly pulled my laptop down on your head the other day…and the pump…and then you knocked your head on the coffee table…and then I’m sure there was something else. In short, we’re making you live in baby-death-ville and we need to get on it so that you see 9 months without floaters in your vision for the rest of your life.

Oh child, what will you show us next huh?

baby back bend.
baby back bend.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Lindsey! Hi, it’s Kristine’s friend Sarah. I told Kristine I’m like a class 5 stalker of your blog, and I decided to out myself and commence stalking you in a more public, non-creepy way. Although did you know our husbands used to work together? So I think that makes me slightly more legit than your stalker off the street. Anyway, I think our babies are something like one week apart and I crack up at every one of these updates because I read the “favorite things to do” list and I’m like “yep……. yep….. yep…… omg yepppp….”. I swear they are two peas from the same capricorn pod, right down to the pull ups on the shower rod, haha!!

    1. lcmerchant says:

      Um, I clearly secretly, not so secretly, stalk you as well and I die laughing. A majority of my friends do not have babies yet, so ill take any connection to a young mom with kids i can! I hope the sleep training thing is going well! We’re dealing with poppage of toothage round 3 over here…I hate teeth. teeth are stupid. SO glad you reached out and we can get rid of this awkward secret stalking thing we got going on… 🙂

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