LD in NC

Luke’s first Labor Day weekend was nothing short of bizzay. We threw him into his car seat (gently of course) thursday night to hit the road to go visit the crew in Raleigh. The only thing really on our agenda was family time and meat eating at the Angus Barn, nom nom nom.

After our obligatory Chik Fil-A stop for grubbing (and getting stuck behind the slowest mini van ever who held up the line waiting for a salad…a salad at chik fil-a?! I don’t even know you besides the fact that your mini van license plate said “tot rod” and you order salad at chik fil-a and I already find you annoying), lets just say mr.drooly face wasn’t too keen on being stuck in that seat for much longer…well…we had longer to go. We blasted ocean sounds through the speakers to get him back to sleep so we can manage happy faces for the rest of the trip…i knew there was a dozen dunkin donuts awaiting my arrival…we must get there!


I thoroughly enjoy the city of Raleigh. The people are nice. They say things in comforting accents. They are always outside someones house drinking “fancy” drinks (or maybe that’s just the Fortier clan, which is also awesome). The weather is nice. The food is good. It’s good juju. The furniture stores are plentiful (someday I’ll buy something instead of just oogling at the prettyness…someday…)

Luke sucked up quality family time. Swung in his first swing. “Fed” some ducks (aka I did..he watched). Met hist first whirlpool tub. And attempted to get a big chocolate lab to be his friend. Weekend of champions.


someone that looks like me is following me…you see this mom?!





“oh you want some?”





Sad for Luke that he missed out on an epic meal at the Angus Barn, ya know that place where peyton manning left like a 200 dollar tip one time…the decorations include a wall of guns (which comes with its own personal manual), straw, an in house magician, and lotsa fancy wing back chairs. I had my first piece of “Sawdust” pie…which…is…amazeballs. And we spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why it’s called “Chess pie”.  The head chef of this place holds the highest score on iron chef like ever, I believe it. In the Raleigh area? Grab your reservations and head on over there, the homemade cheese is worth the trip… 🙂

Til next time Raleigh!

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