I made a new word…. “Boobeteria”

Apparently August is “National Breastfeeding Month” and this is apparently “World Breastfeeding Week” (i think…or was that last week? I can’t keep up)…thats a lot of celebrating something most people have no interest in talking about what so ever.

If you have any moms in your circle of friends you have probably seen your share of “pro-breastfeeding” articles and “yay to the boob” support columns recently. There are those “the rest of the world is so stupid” toned articles about comparing nursing to porn, hating on the world for making nursing moms cover up, and so on and so on. Yes, part of me is like “hellz to the yea, boobs unite!” and all that william wallace mumbo jumbo when I read these articles because I have been knee deep in being a “boobeteria” (get it…like…cafeteria…) (stop trying to make Fetch happen…i get it it wont catch on, but i like it)…for 7.5 months now (please…no applause required). But the other half of me comes at it with my typical “lighten the flip up” vibe. Nursing is weird, chill-ax.

Nursing came semi-easy to me for a long time. I won’t say its a flippin cake walk or that it provided such a sense of “emotional joy and connection” that I read about in these “yay boobs” articles. It just was cheap, easier than cleaning bottles, and I like easy and cheap (says a lot about my personality). I quickly got over my “must hide and nurse” mentality after about a month or two. I quickly got over my “nursing in a car is uncomfortable so ill pump instead”…

You just go with it. It is totally like that Luvs commercial where the second time mom is feeding her kid in the middle of the restaurant sans kid. Eyes up pal and nobody gets hurt.

I’m finding this whole debate to be a bit frustrating, it’s almost taking on a “this is my religion” vibe and “im going to tell you about it and your gonna listen and give me a medal”. I don’t see myself in any higher standard than anyone else. Yes, my kid was EBF (thats exclusively breast feed for the non-mom-forum followers…just you wait new mom…it gets so exciting) for 6.5 months, but then my kid grew teeth, and now my life is a mix of pumping, nursing at night, and avoiding those chompers at all cost during the day, if that means supplementing with formula, hooray, he’s eating. Your kid EBF or EFF or EP ( secret codes for you fed your kid), either way you’re doing the right thing.

When someone comes at a situation with wit and sarcasm, by george I love it. P sent me over to this new blog and I’m already in lurve with it, mostly from the title alone “STFU Parents“. Yes. Amen. Add it to my snarky parenting blog lists :).

I hate to be the debbie downer in this heated debate of boob vs. the world…but seriously…snap outta it world. To latch…or not to latch…your a mom, you do what you think is best, don’t seek validation from the world, it’s staring up at you from the other side of that milk attempting to yank your necklace off your neck, and they love you more than a “like” on facebook.

Some of my favorites:

Pump Dates.

World Breastfeeding Week Post Round Up

Facebook etiquette for the breastfeeding mama

Anti- bf TMI

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