15 Things Saved By the Bell Taught Us About Life

1. It’s important to have dreams.

Tv Animated Gif on Giphy

2. Caffeine pills are not for the feint of heart. Even if it does mean getting a B on that exam…

3. Nerds  will do anything in exchange for friendship with cool kids.

4. Sometimes denim on denim is a good look.

5.  How that whole “dating” timeline works.

6. Feeling blue? Just think; “Put your mind to it….Go for it.”

7.  Don’t let a broken ankle get you down, get out there and dance girlfriend.

8. Just say no.

9. Obviously you wont win homecoming queen if you have a zit….obviously. You’re so ugly kapowski.

Saved by the Bell 108

…oh and don’t buy acne cream from a guy with a brick for a cell phone.

Saved by the Bell 108

10. A simple hair flip can say so much…

11.  Soccer pennies are basically as binding as a marriage license.

12.  How to use your time wisely.

13.  It doesn’t matter what you wear if you are popular and can beat people up, people still love you.

14.  Knowing how to dance is important to connecting with friends.

15. Don’t mess with a daddys girl.

All those hours watching SBTB before school in the morning really did pay off…

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