It happened. PTL It happened.

Last night…I died a little inside. Not the “something terrible happened to my soul and it’ll never come back” kinda died inside, but the “omg i cant believe this is happening ironic that I say i’m dying inside when in reality my soul is ALIVEEEEEEE” kinda died inside.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or have no one in your family between say the ages of 35-25 who also happens to be a girl), you probably heard about the “teased about but better happen” nsync reunion on last nights VMAs. The second I heard this possibility I thought…aint no way JT is gonna let that happen, since I had already read previously he had no intention of ever singing another nsync song again…tragic. I tried not to let my teeny bopper heart get too excited…but ya know I had to watch anyways.

I’ve been campaigning for an Nsync reunion since well….they broke up. I personally shoulda been consulted had they decided to just ‘break up’.  The whole concept of Justin “Trying his own thing” was only spose to last long enough for them to have a break…break times over, BACK TO WORK.

Kudos to you MTV. You got me to sit there and watch about 90 minutes of your god awful “award show” filled with the a ridiculous “twerkin”  (aka disgustingly groping herself and booty motor bootin) mouse/teddy bear/psycho clad miley cyrus and a “oh look how soft my ego is but not really its huge” taylor swift. But…I knew…if they came out…it would be ALL WORTH IT.

As the JT performance rolled on, P kept saying how “he was nervous for me if they didn’t come out”… ha. I was nervous for myself. It was starting to become that feeling of waiting in line for your favorite donut only to get to the counter and hear …”we just sold out”…GO AND MAKE MORE YOU’RE A DONUT SHOP, MAKE MORE!!! (just me?…noted). I was still hopeful, I mean they made their own twitter account finally…THAT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!!

Song after song…I was still hopeful…and then…..the magic happened. “You asked for it”….DAMN RIGHT WEVE BEEN ASKING FOR IT FOR LIKE 5 YEARS!!! AHHHHHHHHH. (insert sounds of my phone blowing up from my fellow former teeny bopper adult friends).

It was beautiful. Not beautiful in the “oh wow look how god they look together”…cuz…the time off hasn’t done wonders for ALL of them…CK….what happened bro. But, THEYRE NSYNC. THEY ARE MAGIC. I FLIPPED MY SHIZ!!! (there is video representation of this on P’s facebook…but sadly for you, I’m not posting that embarrassment).

Immediately after it was over I wanted to run upstairs and unpack all of my marionettes and bobbleheads (cuz I have them all….) and do some vodoo curse on them to make that reunion tour happen and give me front row seats.

The best part? Obviously it was JC’s attempt at stealing the show with his riff of “baby”….nice try buddy, but save it for the REUNION TOUR….(im thinking the more I post this the more likely itll happen #reuniontour #reuniontour #reuniontour #reuniontour). If I was doing the set list…it woulda been ‘Tearin up my heart’ and ‘its gonna be be’, less dancey more singing. But, it was still epic. EPIC I TELL YOU.

Yes, I am a 28 year old adult with a child, but in that moment…we were all 15 again…and it was glorious.

Can you imagine if they recreated the brit/nsync performance with the desks?! Call 911, I woulda died.

You shall find me listening to N sync on repeat…all day today…I dunno, maybe I’l bust out my “Making the Tour” or “N the Mix” videos for nostalgia’s sake….God must of spent a little more time on you…so…use that talent and make a TOUR! 🙂

Happy National Nsync Reunion Coma Day.




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