LTG ::7 Months::


7 months feels like you just rounded second base and you’re on your way to third base. I love this age. You sit by yourself. You are starting to move. You laugh at everything. Your hair is getting extra spikey and adorable. You are too plump for your own good. You are certainly your own being.

It’s fun to hear you making noises and giggling to yourself as you play with Gracie and “lovingly” pull her fur. How long before you try and ride her around the living room?

Theres not much more to report on your life as a 7 month old except the fact that you are trying new foods, napping amazingly most of the time, and find sleeping at night to be for children. News flash kid, YOU ARE A CHILD. Le sigh.

Big fun new things are coming your way in the next month. More road trips, more visitors, and a fun new house guest that is sure to become wrapped around your pudgy finger faster than a speeding bullet. Oh and well just go on the record that your first word was “mama”….(actually its just the consonant you are stuck on and so its really “mamamamamamamamama”….but….its in there…).

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  1. maripathinders78487827 says:

    The ones with Radar just slay me.

    1. Justine says:

      Hi there. I recently came across your blog when I stumbled upon the JMU post, as I too am a fellow JMU duke! I was just admiring your photography and was curious as to what type of camera you shoot with. You do great work and your blog is very humorous. Guess I’ll have to start following!

      1. lcmerchant says:

        Hi Justine! I actually shoot with a Nikon d7000, I love it and it’s basically my third arm :). Thanks so much for checking out my lil blog, Go Dukes!!

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