If I was recasting The Challenge…

So, this season of Challenge Rivals 2, is full on. The fights, the hook ups, the glass throwing, the rap making and taping it under a glass table, it’s all happening (oh are we the only ones that still watch this in our age group?….get back on the band wagon world).

Theres always this “rookies vs people who refuse to go and get a real job so do this all the time” battle going on. The rookies hate the oldies, the oldies hate on the rookies. The rookies get picked on, voted off, beat up, ya know, it’s very westpoint meets fraternity life up in hurr.

The other day I started thinking about some of the not around anymore, yet totally epic real world/road rules cast members that haven’t been on these challenge shows in awhile or maybe ever, but could totally breathe new/old life back into these shows….


1.  Piggy. piggy_281x211 The English curly haired girl from road rules down under who had to deal with the annoying blonde girl in an RV for way too long. Yes, she was on the Challenge in 2000 and kicked butt, which means she needs to come BACK. She could give Anneesa a run for her money and smack a biyah with an english sausage if she has to. Bring back the Pig.


2. Genesis MossGenesis. A southern lesbian with a troubled past, that must make for good television. One bad comment and girlfriend is gonna chuck her helmet across the room faster then Zach following that awkward jungle where he cheated…All hail the boston cast.


mallory_snyder-30623. Mallory. To keep the “bodacious hottie who is also athletic” (ahem Emily) train going, lets bring Mallory back. She’s been busy bee boppin around as a model, but now it’s time to get her hands dirty again. I’d love to see what would happen when CT is faced with both Diem and Mallory in the same house…something crazy would have to happen…(ok so I just googled and rumor has it she’s married…booooooO).



Irene McGee4. Irene. Ok so yes, theres that whole crazy chick with lymes disease thing, and she probably has some moral/ethical aversion to being on the challenge seeing as shes never been on one, but I bet she’s a firecracker. Put her on a team with nut job Cara Maria and just watch the ratings soar…



cohutta-lee  5. Cohutta. We need more rambunctious southern cowboy. This season has gotten too macho with its “lets show scenes of everyone working out on weight benches and doing pushups.” No, get crazy, get country, and lightennnnnn upppppppppp.




images 6. Johnny (Portland). Yes, he just finished real world portland and he probably cant standddd the idea of being away from his annoyingly perky gf Averey, but his macho madness would be awesome against the meat heads Wes, Johnny Bananas, and CT.



7. Nia.


Jumping on the Portland train…why was Nia not on this darn show?! She is a ticking time bomb and has noooo problem beating people up with hairdryers (maybe there are some insurance issues with that…). I would watch this show just to see a potential matchup between her and any one of the wussy wussy boys. Can’t you see her tossing like running spikes or dinner plates at people?! It’d be epic.

the-island-abe-0020  8. Abe. We need to swap out the boy with blonde hair cast member situation. Bye bye Wes, you are no longer relevant, you are boring, lets bring in someone without all the past dramz that just makes for awkward tv.




Who would you have back on the challenge for the next season? (…oh you don’t care?….just us?….fine).

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