That “my kid doesnt do that yet” feeling.

This whole growing up thing is tough. Everyone is watching your every move. Someone (ahem…mom) is always there with a video camera in your face waiting for you to DO SOMETHING EXCITING. You wake up one day and realize you can do something new so you want to practice it all day and night, then you realize you didn’t sleep, so your tired, or your extra hungry, or you just wanna be fussy….LIFE AT 6 MONTHS IS THE PITS.

As Luke is bee bopping along in life, I find myself struggling with comparing Luke to the kiddos around us (it’s happening already….oh god). In the world of social media where we want to share our lives, of course people are posting videos of babies crawling, talking, walking, blah blah, but I sometimes look at these and think…well shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiii my kid isn’t doing that yet.

Wire fans, this ones for you.

I struggle with anxieties that my kid isn’t developing fast enough or he is going to be behind the curve. When we went for our 6 month check up the PA said that Luke was below the curve on talking (yes…talking)….flip to me flipping out and reaching out to my speech pathologist guru Lisa for help on how to get Luke to babble more…rest assured…everythings fine (duh right?). Not even 2 weeks after this visit was Luke babbling at the top of his lungs and saying things like “mama” and “dada”. Just this morning he serenaded us with a loud rendition of “babababababa mamamamama get the flip up mom and dad yayayayaya” all morning. It’s a delightful tune.


Luke does things on his own schedule (if you know me…this drives me nuts). I read that he should be sitting on his own by 6 months, therefore he should be doing this ….obviously (lucky for me he did this one on schedule). Books say he should be rolling over frequently by 6 months…well we roll back to front, but front to back we still never do…trying to not worry about that one (THAT’s OK RIGHT?!).

I know babies that are even younger than Luke who are on the move and starting to crawl; the competitive side in mom and dad is already rearing its ugly head…SOMEONE STOP THE MADNESS. Oh and the real kicker, books say that at almost 7 months Luke should be sleeping all night long…yet we still wake up to eat once if not twice a night…I guess those thunder thighs of his are sucking up the giant piles of food he ate at dinner…

Honestly, my anxieties are stupid.  My kid is great. He is healthy. He may drool more than a spitting camel, but he is just fine (drooling more than average obviously means harvard level IQs…didn’t you know that?). I need to spend more time enjoying the fact that he is sitting STILL and NOT moving. I need to spend more time enjoying his baby babbles and the fact that he spits bubbles (and now sometimes oatmeal and yogurt) at us and then giggles. I need to spend more time enjoying him, being him…including the fits of giggles with a simple head to belly rub.

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