Lobstah Sundah

Chances are if you start your email with “lobsters” and “you’re invited”, I’m going to open it, jump up and down and say “yea, i’m gonna do that…”

So we did.

Our friends had recently spent a week in Maine and as a treat to us (since we are such loyal and loving friends), they brought back lobsters and actually SHARED THEM WITH US (get some friends like these folks, they bring ya lobster, cook them for ya, AND PICK THEM FOR YOU).

We gathered ourselves, the babies, and one boston terrier and spent sunday afternoon drenched in butter, baby spit, and lobster….what a stirring combination that is.

DSC_3648 DSC_3649 DSC_3650 DSC_3651

some of us aren't ready for lobster eatin yet....oh darn.
some of us aren’t ready for lobster eatin yet….oh darn.

DSC_3653 DSC_3654 DSC_3655 DSC_3661 DSC_3667 DSC_3669 DSC_3670 DSC_3671

luke meet lobster.
luke meet lobster.

DSC_3679 DSC_3682

where my lobster at....
where my lobster at….
yo guys...the lobster? you can just drop some down here...
yo guys…the lobster? you can just drop some down here…
no seriously...
no seriously…


dad, see...i didn't get any lobster...
dad, see…i didn’t get any lobster…


I proclaim this happen weekly…ok fine, I’ll be more realistic…monthly.

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