And just like that…3 years went by.

Today is P and I’s 3rd anniversary…

I’ll hold for applause and awww’s……

K. Moving on.

I know what’s in your head right now, “Three years? please honey child wait til you’ve been married for 10, or 20, or 50!”. And those will all be wonderful milestones, but today, let’s just focus on the THREE, WE MADE IT TO THREE!

Three years of marriage have brought us a lot, the biggest of which is napping peacefully with his face smushed into his mattress with his butt in the air upstairs. Baby, dog, house, new jobs, new friends, new family, new life, and a costco membership (that’s the most important really).

We were watching bridezillas (yea, I said it, WE WERE (full disclaimer: I was and he just so happened to be in the room) the other day and were watching this one couple moving in together for the first time and it was so clear how we are soooo not newlyweds anymore. Our life isn’t really settled (is anyones life with kids settled?!), things still pop up and surprise us (like, oh your dog has this weird skin thing, you must wash her with this foul smelling shampoo three times a week…have fun with that, but at least you can do it TOGETHER, YAY UNITY), we are still learning about each other everyday, but i’d say we are learning to be “settling” into our marriage.


I can tell when he’s about to suggest we go to chick fil a on the way home for milkshakes . The other night I knew he was going to turn on Drunk History for us to watch before he even landed on the channel. I know what his thinking face is, his “i’m about to suggest something fun” face is, his “i don’t really want to do that, but I know you do, and since I’m a good husband, I’ll agree to it anyways” voice is.  I know these things, three years ago I didn’t. That’s a great thing.

We are still learning what it means to be married, but I think what three years brings you is a sense of calm, confidence, and clarity of what your lives together can become. Happy 3 years P, 4 winks. Booyah.

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