20 signs you went to JMU…..before 2008

Theres this list going around on buzzfeed that apparently showcases 20 memories about going to JMU…however…I’m too old for about half of them. So, in the spirit of things (cuz we JMU kids gots spirit), i’m making my OWN list to represent JMU as I remember it…


20. Still facebook friends with my FROG? Yea sure, but how bout the fact that I still rock my FROG shirt in real life…while changing my kids diaper…thats dedication.

True Story.
True Story.

19. Ehall vs.Dhall? Wait…whats EHall…the only option we had was Festival where you would wait in line 20 minutes for junky sitr fry and think it was ammmmmmazeeeeballllsssss #gimmethosebabycorns


18. Walking across the ISAT bridge when its either A. raining or B. Windy as Flip deserves a medal.


17. When on your orientation tour you fantasized about hanging out at Taylor Down Under like the kids from Save By the Bells the College Years… #javacitysayheyyyyyyy


16. Darts and Pats, I didn’t read them to see if mine made the cut, I read them to see if I knew the person who wrote it! #thankggodwedidntpublishasterflashrightgirls


15. Beating VA Tech WAS awesome, but so was being National Champions after years of going to football for the marching band. #GODUKES #ilovetubas


14. You remember when our stadium was no bigger than a high school stadium and it was STILL AWESOME. #whatsajumbotron


13. The weekly walk back from parking your car in narnia because parking behind your DORM was apparently the devils work….#stupid


12. Eating mashed potatoes at breakfast on weekends…because YOU COULD.


11. Standing in a giant mob of school spirit to attempt to catch a flying “i bleed purple” shirt” before they made the process more “civilized”


10. Mr. J’s in sunglasses, hoodies, and a slight decrease in self assurance….every week.

No judgement happens here.
No judgement happens here.

9. Having free wings and chips and salsa at the chilis happy hour in harrisonburg…this happens no where else….God Save the Wings.


8. Daves was still open and we kept it in business. I blame you younger kids for not appreciating fine dining and quality wait staff (ok thats a lie, but its an institution where $2 pitchers existed and now…IT DOESNT).

Pour one out for the homies.
Pour one out for the homies.

7. Seeing a guy run through campus in a bunny costume was just the average Wednesday morning…

(I have no pictures of these…that rabbit is fast…but it happened.)

6. If you saw a tour on campus, you went out of your way to say Hi and scream “COME HERE IT’S PERFECT”…scaring them all to go to Tech.


5. Any day warmer than 50 degrees and you are ON the QUAD eating your take away sushi from Dukes…you might even see a puppy…and that would be the tits.


4. Finding a seat for more than one person at Mrs. Greens during pledge time required dedication and hawk eyes. Success meant an extra rice krispy treat…#freshman30


3. Seeing anyone with a JMU sticker or tshirt on instantly makes you kindred spirits. Oh you want to merge? GO ahead fellow Duke!


2. Purple Jac Cards? Gold JAC Cards? GIMME THE PAW PRINT JAC CARD SO I CAN PROVE HOW OLD I AM. #represent

He's happy he has the paw print card.
He’s happy he has the paw print card.

1.5. Oh and losing any version of your jac card, buying a new one, and finding it the next day….INFURIATING.

1.  Ok yea, it’s awesome. It’s special. It’s beautiful. It’s JMU.

Hello beauty.
Hello beauty.

38 Comments Add yours

  1. Ben says:

    Most are pretty funny, except blaming anyone for Dave’s closing. Good riddance! Here’s to hoping we get a quality restaurant there!

  2. Number 3! So many Dukes in northern va and when I’m trekking to Maryland everyday for work and I see a fellow Duke on the road I totally get that “sure it’s fine that you just cut me off, no problemo.” Thanks for this post 🙂

    1. Jules says:

      Absolutely. I live in Baltimore and it’s the same thing. Cut me off, random person? You jerk! Oh, you’re representing JMU with a sticker or a license plate frame, cut away!! 🙂 Sometimes, I’ll extend the courtesy to a Hokie, but never a Cavalier (devil spawn).

      1. Kelly says:

        YES! So true and so awesome!

  3. Bree Burk says:

    LOVE this! The facebook version made me feel old & sad. Thanks for posting!
    -Bree Burk, class of ’06… Go Dukes!

  4. I appreciate this one! Class of 2003!!

  5. Amanda says:

    What’s the link to check out the”new” list?? I’m curious now.. But this list rocks!!

  6. Brian says:

    Good post…however the pics with #6 and #1 are from after 2008 since they feature the tunnel under Main St. Timeline check!

  7. Paula says:

    LOVE this!!! Thanks for including us “old” folks!

  8. This Guy says:

    Awesome list!!! I haven’t seen the new list but I do not see a list topping this one. c/o 2007 (which isn’t that long ago I might add)

  9. Jess says:

    Hooray. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I miss my take-away sushi and parking 1000 miles away from everywhere I lived & went to class.

  10. Katheryn says:

    Love this! Class of ’07.

  11. Sousaphones not tubas!

  12. laurjmugsu says:

    I love this!! Great list!! What about using your fake ID to get into Highlawn? Does that place still exist?

  13. Renee Woolfolk says:

    Clearly there is another version for those of us who graduated before the 90’s.

  14. dafingaz says:

    Maybe a little older than 2008, but wasn’t there a guy who would randomly ride a unicycle around campus? Or maybe it was how he got to class. Lol…

    1. Brian says:

      His name was Kai, he was an RA in white hall in fall 2002. I transferred out in Dec 2003 so I don’t know what happened to him

      1. Martin says:

        He was back on campus by 2005. So maybe he became a harrisonburg resident or transferred back in.

  15. Joe says:

    It was the divorce that took down Dave’s and nothing else.

    1. Me says:

      It was Dave making unwise and irresponsible business decisions that took down Dave’s!!

  16. Sryan says:

    Can we add: pretzel rolls did not cost extra, drunk bus is the shit & to go along w having to park so far…the numerous tickets you had to pay before signing up for the next semester….oh and God Hates You man in front of dhall, spending all you dining dollars at mr. Chips and vending machines two weeks into the semester, having to walk all the way around to UREC or your class in the trailer when the tunnel was flooded…& of course….CHICKEN WRAPS!

  17. Ginny Siegfried Smith Class of '73 says:

    Until I saw these pictures and info, I didn’t realize how much has happened in Harrisonburg since I graduated!!! I remember when Dave’s was the Elbow Room! And I lived in Dingledine Dorm (is that area still called “Down the Hill”?) when it was still fairly new!!
    Ahh, life goes on and is still sweet! Ginny

  18. Jaye says:

    If you want old, you need to talk about those of us who went to school when the only thing across the highway was the Convo. (Class of ’95)

  19. Toni C. Class of '88 says:

    Love this post! JMU has certainly changed a lot from what I remember from the late 80’s. JM’s was the happening happy hour spot. Pargos is where you took your parents for dinner, commuters had to park at the baseball field by the village and walk to the bluestones for classes, and finally Greek Row housed sororities and fraternities and after midnight madness you swam in Newman Lake! Good Times!

    1. Toni C. Class of '88 says:

      Added note” No JAC cards, just ID’s and sitting on the HILL with a keg during football games was the BEST and ONLY way to watch them!

  20. So even though I live in LA, I just did #3. Tried to catch the other person’s attention because I was so excited, but wasn’t successful… But it’s all good since I still did what I did because of JMU.

  21. rich powell says:

    Haha what about cha cha !!!

  22. Matt says:

    I don’t remember my 5 years at JMU

  23. Tom Goggin says:

    You know Linds… Usually I feel so connected to the content of your blogs… But for some reason this one left me flat… Hahaha!! JK!! Reading your stories always livens up my day!! Thank you!!

  24. Monica Mauro says:

    Uh…do I dare admit this? Okay, here it goes. I’m class of 86. There it is! I said it! Love the pics. I live in California, so I don’t run into many Dukes. I run into a lot of Trojans, though. Wow, this really brought back many memories I haven’t had for a very long time.
    Thank you.

  25. Jess says:

    LOVE this! Every one of these is so very true….from an ’03 grad and fellow ASTer!

  26. Jerry says:

    Before it was the BW3, it was JM’s. Great take out nachos. $1 pitchers of beer on Tuesday night Ladies Night and just a great place to chill.

  27. What about all-you-can-eat Thumbs and Toes (boneless buffalo wings) at The Biltmore (now Ham’s, right?) on Tuesday nights?

    Kamala, Class of 2002

  28. Erik Bowen says:

    Woot! This is wonderful! Also, you were my FROG freshman year in Rockingham Hall and were awesome (looking back what an odd makeshift dorm haha). Thanks for this! ^__^

  29. Jenn says:

    This is so great!! I miss JMU 😦

  30. Glad to know I’m not the only one still sporting my FROG shirt. Those things hold up! And Daves…. that rooftop…. so many memories…

  31. Kevin says:

    Class of 1994: Four Star or Mr. Gatti’s anyone? Does anyone remember how good Four Star’s italian subs were? Still the best sub I have ever had. Mr. Gatti’s is still one of the better pizza’s I have eaten.

  32. financepro@gmx.com says:

    I appreciate this as well! Dukes Class of ’01!

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