Our 2 babies.

In November 2011, P and I started doing our research about getting a dog. We had decided we were over apartment life, we were moving out to someplace that was going to let us have a dog if it killed us. And not some teacup dog that fit in my purse (although precious), we wanted a D.O.G; one that I could use as a pillow, ride like a furry tractor, and would look like it came outta an l.l. bean catalogue. For years, P and I hadn’t ever been able to really agree on what type of dog we wanted. I like hair…lots of it. He likes sleek. I like BIG, like st. bernard big. He has a more rationale brain that doesn’t like to clean slobber off of walls. We had it narrowed down to I think 3 breeds: Lab, Golden, and a Gordon Setter. Well it’s super hard to find a Gordon Setter breeder on the east coast, so they were out, down to 2. I had done some google searchin’ and asked around to some of my dog lovin’ friends and we found a golden breeder in Charlottesville, VA. She told us she had some puppies that could go home by Thanksgiving…the temptation was hard to swallow, but we used our brains (sometimes we do that) and just went down for a visit to meet her and see her digs and basically we judged each other. She judged us, we judged her and her dogs, we took our shoes off (we had to bring clean socks…its serious biz); we all passed apparently. We paid our deposit for her winter litter and we went home and WAITED, sometimes impatiently, for the call that they were born!

Fast forward to February 2012 (zip zip). Our breeder called us that she had puppies, but only 2 boys…we had originally wanted a boy, womp womp womppppppppp. She started talking about her next litter thinking we wouldn’t consider a girl, psht; you have puppies, we want puppy, give us puppy. Congratulations, it’s a girl! Born on Superbowl Sunday in 2012, this lil bundle of fur was born into our lives just as our hearts needed a bit of lovin’, grace, and furball-ness. We hung up the phone and named her Gracie.


8 long weeks of waiting, and Miss Purple could finally come home with us! She threw up on me 8 times on the way home, hows that for appreciation for giving her a home?! She has always been spunky, fluffy, energetic, a bit strange (she sleeps in the weirdest places), and even after all my desires for a big fluffy pillow…she refuses to let me sleep on her….jerk.

Where am I going with this? Point coming soon. So, not long after we had brought Gracie home we found out we were going to be bringing home another playmate, of the human kind. A puppy and a baby in the same year? WHY NOT, THAT WON’T BE HARD AT ALL!! (said the unknowing soon to be first time parents).

Wondering how these two would get along was pretty stressful. Gracie was the numero uno attention grabber in our lives. She basically would crawl into our skin if she could…or really anyone willing to give her attention. She didn’t really have much “restraint”, being all of 11 months old when Luke was born…insert anxiety and images of babies face getting clawed off as she “lovingly” tries to get him to play fetch with her…I read lots online about how to “ease the transition for the dog” (true story), we tried all that, she ate the hat we sent home for her to sniff…not off to a great start….

The first meeting.
The first meeting.

After months of simple sniffing, and some interest, Gracie pretty much left Luke alone (besides wanting to attack him with kisses when he got his diaper changed)…and bugged us instead…and any new visitors that came to the house (sorry ya’ll…we’re working on it). She didn’t act out; no regressing in being house broken, no extra chewing, she basically was just her playful, attention-whore self like normal. All my stressing out over how this whole puppy and baby thing was gonna work out was for nothing….doh.

Fast forward to now,(this post has lotsa time travel). Ya know how they say goldens are really great family dogs? It’s cuz they are. AIN’T NO LIE. We couldn’t of asked for a better dog to walk along side Luke in the early years of his life. Yes, sometimes she barks at inopportune times. Sometimes she gets a lil too excited and thinks he can play tug of war with her. But, in general, she is WAY MORE CHILL WITH HIM THAN US….it’s almost not fair. She does tummy time with Luke. She cleans up his food and spit-up for us. She lays next to his crib if he’s crying. She sometimes naps behind the chair with him in his room. She let’s him claw and pull her fur. She licks him and he busts out into fits. It’s adorable.

I’m so excited these two can literally grow up together (cuz let’s face it…she’s still a baby too). She may frustrate the poop outta us, bark when she shouldn’t, be “too friendly” when people come over, and she’s ate a few paci’s and one lovie toy…oh and a diaper (disclaimer: not under our watch…ahem…grampa goggin… :P), but she’s gonna make a great friend to our lil guy. She was made for our family, our perfect amount of furry grace.

Click on through the slideshow for excessive puppy baby adorableness. 

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My kid just put a dog bone in his mouth…we’re just gonna pretend that’s ok.

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