Bunheads…cancelled. Completely and utterly gutted over this decision (yes, the fact that a television show has been cancelled really upsets me…I embrace it). Should I be embarrassed that my favorite show was on ABC Family? Maybe. I should also probably be embarrassed that I know every word to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song (it bugs me that they rhyme inside with inside….tangent), but I’m not.

The fate of this lovely show has been hanging by a thread since it’s season finale many many months ago. I confess that I scoured the internet several times looking for some morsel of hope of it coming back, but nope. Some idiot in a suit has crushed my dreams. CRUSHED. This news was enough to bring me down off my Royal baby high…THATS HOW AWFUL IT IS.


No more Boo being Boo. No more sassy Sasha and her incredibly defined clavicle. No more Mel being all closety lesbian beating beeches up in the hallways. No more Ginny being adorable petite with all her blondeness. No more fast talking Michelle with her perfect balance of snark, wit, and disorganization. No more Fanny…ugh…no more Fanny. What am I gonna do come “paying season” without her description of her bills in hatboxes?!


Life is just not fair. Tell me why B.S. shows like “Switched at Birth” (I mean really how creative is that?!) keep getting picked up…I know I’m not the target audience (ahem…teenagers) but me and about a million other loyal followers watched, and will continue to watch! Even the writers over at Jezebel and Buzzfeed are in mourning (makes me feel better about the fact that I’m sad that a teenager show is cancelled…).


I know it’s a long shot, but I’m just gonna hold out hope that something like the second coming of Arrested Development will happen here. Yo Netflix, pick this ish up!


Not saying goodbye…let’s just say…see you soon?! I’m off to go cry bunhead size tears in the corner…(in lieu of flowers as I morn this tragedy, donations can be made in the form of flaming bags of poo on the steps of the person at ABC Family who made this decision).

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