LTG ::6 Months::

sixmonths There comes a moment when you look down at your kid and he’s no longer just this drooly lump of a human being…apparently that moment hits at about 6 months. They get voices, they get control of their limbs, they can put pacifiers in their own mouths?!?! Life changing.

6 months huh kid? Well 6 months brought you 2 teeth, so now you have an adorable set of lower gum chompers. You have finally rolled over more than once, back to front seems to be easier for you…how does THAT make sense? Your crib has become your own personal jungle gym. You turn your self around like homer simpson, get your chubby limbs stuck in the slats, and then get frustrated and cry because you cant figure out how to turn back over, very enjoyable when this happens at 4am.


Food? Keep avocado AWAY from your face. You refuse. Hilarious to me that I couldn’t stand guacamole while pregnant with you and now you hate it…connection? If it turns out that you also don’t like peanut butter than I’m writing up a scientific journal article on this profound discovery…However, the second I bring a whiff of bananas near your face you kick those lil chubby legs so hard and can’t open your bird mouth fast enough, we try not to tease you too much…but its a little humorous to us…don’t tell your therapist about it later in life.

Since I’ve gone back to work, you’ve decided you don’t like it…so…there. Not so keen on being by yourself like you used to be, you find banging on my keyboard to bring such enjoyment…pretty sure you’re trying to get me fired by “accidentally” sending an email to the boss with just random letters and exclamation points. Here’s the thing kid, you wanna go to college? get enrolled in soccer tots? not be the smelly kid in class? maybe have lunchables one day a week? then play with that noggin stick for 30 minutes and well all be happy :).

I’m pretty sure you are going to be on the move soon. Whether its army crawling, booty scootin, or just rolling from one side of the room to the other, our days of stationary living are numbered. This is a good thing, because all the older kids you hang out with are starting to gang up on you with their oh so impressive moving, mom and dad’s competitive spirit is growing, time to show them whose got skillz yo!

Our days are filled with avoiding the heat, swimming at the pool (aka you sit in the baby pool, try and grab at the baby pool fountain, and get bounced around a lot), playing with your furry best friend, a side of baby boot camp where you work up a good dose of the baby meat sweats, and basically being the best kid, like ever, EVER.
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On the month 7! (is it too early to start planning that 1 year birthday party…)


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  1. I hated all pasta and eggs while preggo. Amelia hates them both. I loved all fruit…so does she. Write that paper lady!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hello baby blue eyes! Love the side belly chub and stop teaching him that pouty lip Linds!

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