Orange is the new Black.

The fashionistas just had a mini seizure over that title. No, I’m not predicting the new Fall Fashion trends, lets be honest, I have no place giving fashion advice these days, I doubt i’ll see my token vneck t’s and shorts on the runway anytime soon…or like ever. But seriously, Orange is the new Black…

It’s a new netflix original series that is amazeballs (guillina and bill comes back on tonight, props if u get that reference). My mom sent me this text the other day that she watched 13 episodes of a show called “Orange is the new Black”, seeing as I’m normally the one saying “you gotta watch this show” (like resale royalty on style…never heard of it? now you have, watch)  I was intrigued….cut to me wasting hours being sucked into this show about a white girl who got sucked into an international drug trade scandal with her prior lezzie lover and lands herself in a minimum security prion in NY.

Now, fun fact about me. I have an irrational fear of going to prison…there is like 0.00% chance that ill ever land myself in prison, but its a fear. I kinda am too scared to travel to Thailand after watching brokedown palace and bridget jones diary for fear of landing myself in prison and then singing “like a virgin” with a room full of inmates…true story. I used to have to visit the maximum security prison as a part of my internship and one time i got slammed by the closing doors…and then there was that time i got spit on by an inmate walking by…but ya know, its left no damages to my psyche…. I also watch basically every episode of Locked up (abroad and domestic)…all of these things feed my anxiety, but still fascinate me…someone explain this to me? !

Either way, if you have netflix (or if u dont take a friend of yours who has it ice cream and wine and ask her to let you watch), watch this show. I’m only halfway in, but I am so so so in love with it…it’s currently filling my black dark hole of no bunheads season 2…

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