It’s serious business…

…pooping these days….

..really starts working hard at about the 2 minute mark…

ARE WE THE ONLY ONES THAT FIND THIS HILARIOUS?? The addition of solid foods has well…as to be expected…made other things solid (I’m already disgusted with myself that I’m writing about this and that the topic of conversation frequently is what’s going in and OUT of Luke’s body…this is probably why my friends without kids don’t seem to want to hang out with me that much… ok that’s a lie I think they still like me, but maybe in small doses).

food1 food2 DSC_8247 food3 food4

When does that transition happen where you go from talking about intellectual things like filibusters (lets just pretend I talked about this stuff) or the migratory pattern of birds (also lets just pretend…even though Pete and I did watch this documentary on bird watching in Central Park…tangent), to now all of a sudden filling conversations with baby babble, puke stories, and well…poop. Apparently it happened a few weeks ago; bye bye normal people friends, we fully understand if you no longer want to spend time with us talking about this sh*t (teehee…pun INTENDED).

look how talented I impressed.
look how talented I am…be impressed.

However lame I may become, I’m still always willing to talk about the important things in life, like Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas on WeTV, THIS STUFF IS GOLD!! Self proclaimed Bridezillas addict, and now we get to watch them all fight (not about a wedding this time, but can you believe they’re still fighting? I know…shocker) and live under the same roof, (eye roll from the masses). AND for my locals, Dani (the semi-normal one that all the other husbands wish was their own wife) is the newest DJ on the Kane Show in the morning…sometimes God is just too giving…:)

Sorry to annoy you, sweet child of MINE
Sorry to annoy you, sweet child of MINE

p.s. sometimes I want to make a tumblr of all the times Luke looks at me like he thinks im an as$hole…title: (how quickly until I get on GMA for that?!) I have yet to google to see if this already exists…don’t burst my bubble cruel world.

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