The world of “solids”…

We started “solids” ( I say this loosely because the stuff we give him isn’t really solid…it’s a form of vegetable that I’ve mashed into submission…but sure, we’ll call it a solid) about 3 weeks ago. Initially, we shoved mushed avocados in his mouth…not quite sure how big a “fan” he was of this, but he humored us…the first week it looked like we were having dinner with the exorcist as the mushed green continuously came out of the mouth instead of him just swallowing it politely…how do you teach a 5 month old table manners? Too soon? I could be THAT mom…no, you’re right…I can’t.

We’ve certainly gotten better at the whole “Eating” thing. He grabs the spoon, shoves it in, or we sneakily play airplane with the spoon and he smiles big enough for us to shove it in…I have yet to master the art of feeding chubby child mushy food without it literally getting EVERYWHERE….Gracie can only clean up so much…the one pristine white buckle straps are not a nice tint of orange…this is already driving me crazy, this would be the time when all the moms out there huff and puff and say “just wait til they start feeding themselves and then see how messy it gets”…I’M STILL NOT GONNA LIKE IT.


Honestly, I’m not really certain if he is digesting any of the nutrients from this mushy food, it LITERALLY and I ain’t joking, looks exactly, EXACTLY like it does coming out as it did going in…there is something just not right about that…not right at all…Lucky for you, no pictures of this exist.

Sweet potatoes are definitely a bigger favorite (that’s probably horrible grammar) than avocados…any advice on what we go to next? I got my magic bullet steamer and puree’er all ready to go for the extra yucky stuff…

sneaky puppy waiting for anything to fall on the floor…

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  1. Sara says:

    He is so adorable!!! And looking so big! He looks like a boyish Abby in some of these pics. I hear ya on the messy high chair. I totally swore *my* kids’ high chairs would stay clean & never look so nasty. I was wrong haha. Do you have those little ice cube trays to freeze individual servings in? i got those for HK and they were helpful. We’ve done peas, broccoli, butternut squash, and banana as other early foods. Sometimes, I’d mix applesauce in with the broccoli to help it taste better. So fun!

  2. Kelly says:

    Haha, that last picture kills me. Stinkin’ adorable!

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