LTG ::5 Months::


Well Shish kabobs….another month older huh? Just when I get used to answering the question “How old is he?”, you make me change my answer up…so now when I fumble saying ‘4 months, no wait…5’, people think I’m an idiot…or just assume I’m sleep deprived…let’s be honest, both could be true.

5 months…you’re a total handful…(get it?…see…the idiot thing is proving true). I gotta say, I’m enjoying this month already. This month means we get to stuff your face with mushed up versions of people food and hopefully soon you’ll be able to sit your chunky butt up all by yourself. However, this “food” thing has made some pretty epic masterpieces in your “lower compartment”…it’s gonna get worse I know…good lord.

We thought you had a personality before…that was just a tiny teaspoon of the taste we are getting now.Sometimes you just laugh AT us not always with US; I guess the finding us amusing thing starts early round hurr; or that hayride thing we keep joking about actually impacted yo brain and your future as the strange kid in the corner who keeps tying and untying his shoes will come true…

One of your greatest pleasures? Scratching me with your evil baby claws of death…I chew/clip/gnaw on these things daily and yet every morning those things come at me like a cadaver looking to rip my flesh open…who knew some things so tiny could be so menacing…I’m about to wrap your feet and toes in bubble wrap…you’ll make lotsa friends that way…(honestly, most things I’m gonna do in life will keep you just weird enough so that I’m your only friend…thats manipulative isn’t it…tevs yo; I don’t mind spending my saturdays playing laser tag with you and your dad and the rest of your 3rd grade class on the other team while we dominate proudly…). Anywho….

Side note: Last night I had a dream that “Death” (you know the guy in the long black cloak with no face and boney fingers) came up to me and because I didn’t want to watch his magic show, gave me the kiss of death…and carried me away while I watched you and your dad go off into a field of posies….that’s weird right? I thought so to…someone analyze that and send me an email.

This has gotten weird. But, whatever, basically you are adorable and chubby and a big fleshy baby full of giggles and we love your face to pieces. Keep being awesome.







We drool a lot still…meh.




as Phil Robinson would say…”happy, happy, happy”…..ergh.
look at that form, now roll over for (expletives) sakes.



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