An open letter…

To myself…

Hey You-

I know you spend a lot of your time thinking about Luke’s sleep, reading about how to get him to sleep, freaking out because his naps aren’t what he “should be doing” according to some guru or some other mom on a discussion board, wishing and praying that he will sleep through the night; the list goes on. You think about it ALOT. Here’s the thing though…you gotta chill the (insert expletive here) out.

He’s almost 5 months old, yes I’m sure that means that someone somewhere is enjoying an alien baby that has been sleeping 12 hours a night straight since like birth, but your kids not like that, and that’s just the card you were dealt. You know what other card you were dealt? A non-colicky baby that is happy 90% of the day and basically will go with the flow no matter what…that’s a sweet card too.

Thing you need to realize, he’s not waking up because he’s thinking “hey…I want to make my mom really tired the next day, so I’m gonna start waking up and crying…yea…that sounds fun…commence crying in three…two…one…WAHHH”. NO YOU NUT CASE, he’s waking up cuz he’s hungry, cuz he’s 5 months old and because all he’s eating is milk and that digests fast…Or he’s waking up because he’s maybe scared, or cold, or wet, or God knows what other reason, but none of them are “to make mom cranky”. Yeesh.

Be grateful for the beautiful delightful healthy baby boy you have and enjoy your quiet, early morning snuggles…he won’t want to be seen in public with you before too long…



P.s realize that everyone who says their baby sleeps 12 hours straight is probably a dirty, dirty liar…


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