LT and AJ Happy Hour


Luke is going to have a buttload of second cousins, cuz his pop has like 8,000 first cousins; therefore their offspring will make quite the nice lil playgroup for him in da future. Lucky for him, there are already lotsa fun ones around to play with already!!

Yesterday, we scurried over to Maryland to play with Amelia for some socialization and water table fun (can you believe someone is making money off of a thing called a water table which is basically just a bathtub on legs with some toys attached?? WHY DON”T I THINK OF THESE THINGS).

Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool…
“Uh woman, you see her taking my pacifier…intervene please”
Tellin’ him whats UP

cousin1 DSC_2972 cousin2 DSC_2982 DSC_2986 DSC_2988 DSC_3018 DSC_3023 DSC_3028 DSC_3035 DSC_3040 DSC_3041 DSC_3046 DSC_3042

Only a few more days til this kid gets his first dunk in the pool…lordy I can’t wait!

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