Life as a 4 month old.

Life of a 4 month old…I gotta tell ya…is both really sweet, and really hard. They (and by they I mean someone I googled and who apparently knows about the inner workings of an incapable of communicating infant)  say that 4 months is one of the toughest times of transition for da babies; i’m inclined to agree. Sleeping is hard, eating real food is strange, you can almost do things but not yet so therefore you get your fuss pants all in a knot (apparently patience isn’t something you learn this young…or ever in my experience). Being a 4 month old can be the pits, but I gotta tell ya…it’s also pretty sweet.


The sweet stuff:

1. Everything is just given to you…whenever you ask for it…all the time.

2. You get to basically just be a lump all the time and that is totally acceptable


3. Kicking and flailing around =exercise


4. Crying is not seen as childish…it’s.what.

5. You can sleep anywhere and no one judges you or calls you narcoleptic

6. Easily amused, something as silly as sliding down my legs is enough to send you into FITS

The non-sweet stuff:

It’s just too much today….

1. Learning new things is hard and frustrating…therefore…makes you cranky

2. Shots every 2 months…what a rip off

Just look at those bruises...woof.
Just look at those bruises…woof.

3. Sleeping in your crib, while fun in theory, can sometimes be lonely…and you let us know that…we get it…you don’t have to remind us you are in there sleeping…we haven’t lost you, we put you in your baby cage of sleep on purpose

4. You always smell like icky sweaty milk even after sometimes 2 baths a day…cmon neck…get longer; In this house though…someone is always there to lick it up for him at least


5. It’s hard not being able to burp yourself or roll over when you’re tired, geesh

"Help me woman, stop taking my picture"
“Help me woman, stop taking my picture”

and 6. Teething…that’s about all I need to say on that.


Lucky for all of us…5 months is just around the corner 🙂

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