R.I.P Happy Endings.

I’m having a bit of a “what the F are you doing to my TV life” day. (If you read this and think “It’s just TV Lindsey, get over it?” Watch your back cuz this is coming your way…)


ABC canceled Happy Endings…to make room for 2 other shows about a group of friends who drink a lot…oh sure that makes sense…The F?! Not really a Happy Ending for this show…chuckle chuckle. No more Kerkovich sisters…


…no more gay Max, no more “oh look how stupid Alex” is jokes…none of it…ever again…tell me how Two and a Half Men is STILL ON TV?!?! And hidden gems like this are just another piece of TV refuse…


You win you money grubbing executives…


This will take some time to get over…but, I’ll manage since the Mindy Project and Girls are still in my life, but…

If I don’t hear word that bunheads is getting renewed soon….I’m gonna freak the bleep out. Or just walk around like some cranky person with a “Sutton Foster Sarcasm and Wit every week in my living room” sized hole in my heart…

How I feel if someone jokes about the possibility of no more Bunheads…

We don’t want that now do we? I didn’t think so…RENEW IT #($*(#*&$!!

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