That could stand for a lot of things…

Point of Sale

Piece of Sh…

Pork on Shelf (OK i made that up)

…but in this household it means. Peace. Out. Swaddle.

DSC_9712 copy


Yea. I did it.

We kicked that sausage wrap to the curb. Honestly, I loved when Luke would get all bundled up and look like a glow worm or a green bean, but it’s way easier to just pop that lump into the crib and sneak away without having to shove those wiggly arms and feet into the baby velcro sack a couple times a day. Now we just shove him into a big blankety sack…it’s better, I swear.

DSC_9709 DSC_9713

Last night was our first night of swaddle freeness; this feels like just one more step to him graduating college and buying his first lottery ticket or something…what’s next, rolling over and grabbing feet? Oh…that is next? Ok then….well until then, I’ll just enjoy watching you wiggle around in all your baby squishness.



Work that core kid.
Work that core kid.




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