Ain’t it great? I’m 28!

Twenty.Eight. Let’s think of things that rhyme with 28 shall we?

  1. Date
  2. Weight
  3. Mate
  4. Bait
  5. Kate
  6. Fate

Ok enough, lotsa things. So that must mean it’s pretty great, and I shouldn’t hate, that I’m 28…(Dr. Seuss who?!).

Having your birthday on a monday means you either celebrate the weekend before, or you do the grown up thing and accept that when the world around you is working (and you are still on maternity leave), no ones around to play with you, cept your squishy 3 month old milk hungry infant.

We did our usual thang, tum time, swing time, floor time and watch tv time, play mat time, bouncey time, nap time, food time, spit up on mom during airplane time, the usual.

We’re a stripe loving clan.

Lightroom (DSC_9622.NEF and 1 other) DSC_9615 DSC_9630 DSC_9635

Then the big people came over!! We celebrated with my parents and my mom brought over a special birthday hat for Luke to wear…he totally was into it…and by totally I mean, pretty much didn’t want it on his head but was a good sport about it because he knows that mom controls the milk so he better make her happy…
Lightroom (DSC_9642.NEF and 1 other)

Lightroom (DSC_9651.NEF and 1 other)



We love pulling my hair now…we obviously isn’t including my scalp.
Lightroom (DSC_9641.NEF and 1 other)
RV CAKE!!….gracie wanted some too….the proof is in the evidence.

I’m no classy broad, I’ll take a subway and dunkin donuts gift card for my birthday and be totallllllly satisfied (blood sugar what?). So we went to our favorite mexican joint (yea its a chain, what about it, I had bonus points on my card and we got free sopapillas, WINNERS).



Well mostly winners, until that giant sombrero of shame came bounding my way…were the free sopapillas worth it?….jurys still out…

Top the evening off with baby bath time and a wrinkly baby butt and well call it a successful day :).

DSC_9665 copy
Keeping the modesty at least…
Bahah….were the only ones that find this amusing i’m sure…
baby moobies…how i love them.

Thank you family and friends for da lurveeee!

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