There comes a time in our lives…when we have to face reality…For every part of life…there is a season…we are no longer in the season of itty bitty baby clothes…It’s time to part with all of my favorite “first clothes” and pack them away to maybe use another day on another tubby mini baby…but my wee Luke “stink butt” Goggin will never wear them again.


Last night as we were cooking burgers, I got Luke ready for bed in one of his old standard sleepers with the puppy feet on them and soon realized…homeboy can’t stretch his legs out…his toes are too curled under those dogs to be even remotely comfortable…he’s just too darn long. I’ve been avoiding it long enough thinking he could still pull them off…but…It’s time…toooooo sayyyy gooodbyeeee (yea, the Andrea Bocceli version, keep up). Into the box of darkness with the newborn sizes ya go…

Onward to the world of the 3-6 months we go…someone point me in the direction of where I can find long and skinny baby clothes please…we have a too long, not plump enough problem…is this what Paris Hilton feels like when she goes shopping?? #lankybabyproblems

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