10 things that make me happy.

Yesterday, I caught a show on E! called “10 things that make me happy”. Basically, it’s a show where really rich people whom we envy get to tell you the 10 things that make them happy, I guess in a way to help you think they are more human. Yesterday it was Kyle Richards (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for those not int he know…also Paris and Nikki Hiltons Aunt), and Jonathan Adler (funky town designer and white jeans wearing pot maker). Side note: who knew that Jonathan Adler was married to that gay guy from Best Week Ever on VH1….fun fact of the day.

Besides my family and puppy (Because they’re not allowed to count), I tried to think of the top 10 things that make me happy…

10. Number 1 from Chik Fil-A with barbeque sauce on the sammich and ketchup for dem waffle fries. I could honestly eat this everyday and be completely happy, I’d also be a whale, but I’d be a happy whale who was filled with yummy chicken and waffle fries. What’s that? Are you trying to tell me fast food is bad for me?


9. My 1980’s Con Air Hot Rollers. I’ve lost or broken about half the actual rollers, and have maybe 5 of the securing pin thingies left, but if you attempt to take away or replace my hot rollers, I’ll cut you. They make my hair bouncy and make me feel like Elle Woods.


8. 1 pack of Honey Nut Oatmeal mixed with 1 pack of Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal. I also mix my cereals together like a fancy breakfast cereal cocktail every morning. Cheerios and Honey Nut Chex go well with just about everything, specially Raisin Bran…


7. N*Sync’s No Strings Attached Album….This needs no explanation. Pop that bad boy in, turn up “No Strings Attached” and my soul is Happy Happy Happy…


6. Sam Adams Summer Ale. It’s fine that one of the top 10 things in my life that makes me happy is an alcoholic beverage right. Last summer, I was living my days as the baby oven so I missed out on Summer Ale Season…but THIS YEAR, oh how the Summer Ale shall flow :).


5. My Tappy Tappy Tap Shoes. My tap shoes are busssstedd. The heel is almost kinda falling off, the insoles are completely gone, you can basically bend those suckers in half, making toe stands well…way more difficult then they should be. But I love them. They’ve been helping my feet make noise since I was probably about 13 years old and you’ll probably have to bury me in them because I’m never replacing them….(that is until the heel finally does come off or the leather busts through…).


4. My Playbills. (If were being specific my Sutton Foster SIGNED Playbill). Every Broadway show I’ve ever seen, has a playbill living in my house (probably still in a box from our move, but that in no way is a representation of my love for them). They all represent 2.5 hours of musical bliss…I particularly have a fondness for my Rent Playbill when I forged Joey Fatone’s signature on it and then of course my LEGIT SIGNED Sutton Foster Playbill from when I met her at the Kennedy Center and was a giant Tool. They probably have a value of about a nickel a piece, but to me…wait for it….PRICELESS.


3. My Spoon Ring. Yes, I have a ring, molded and made outta a spoon handle. It used to be my Mom’s, I even recently just got a picture of her rocking this ring when she was my age (I think…). The last few weeks of preggo time, I took it off thinking my hands would swell too much and they’d have to cut it off of me…then I’d be devastated. But, since that never happened, ring is resting comfortably on the right hand where it shall stay until unforeseen future.

2.5 My Engagement/Wedding Rings. (Yes, this will make it 11 things…but my list, my rules). In line with my ring loves…these two rings are a daily reminder of a sweet covenant and vow made to a sweet sweet man. They are simple, they are sparkly, they will live permanently on my left hand.

2. Dunkin Donuts. (Technically this isn’t just 1 thing, but like 12…but technicalities aside, well say its 1 thing). Ok…so sue me. I love me some Dunkin Donuts. I love me some donuts of any kind really, but when I come downstairs and see a glowing box from Dunkin Donuts on the table…just shoot me dead and hand me a tissue to wipe the tears from my eyes. If I’m ever on death row (please God don’t let this happen), this…would probably be my requested last supper. A lovely assortment (but keep the disgusting jelly filled ones away) of airy, sugary, horrible for me in every way donuts. If we somehow ever move to Boston…I’m in trouble…DD’s are everywhere..and I have about zippo will power when theres a donut staring me in the face…Nom Nom Nom.


And the long awaited top 1 thing that makes me happy…(again that isn’t a person or animal)…..

1. My Camera. My Other Appendage. My Third Eye. I’m not a great photographer. I mess up settings, I flop on focusing on the right things, I sometimes even just take a bad picture that makes me grimace, but I would probably feel like half of a person without my Nikon. When I say I probably take about 100 pictures a day…that’s no exaggeration, that’s probably under estimating. It goes with me everywhere. It captures everything. All of my Nikon’s have been a generous gift from my oh so loving familia, I think they gift me this thing so then I’ll take pictures and give them to them…Having a 3 month old and a dog that does the craziest g-d things, makes having this thing NECESSARY. I love it times a gazillion plus infinity plus one. I LOVE MY NIKON (please read that in the Robin hating on Patrice voice from How I Met Your Mother)


Looking back…a lot of these are ingestible items….perhaps my priorities are outta wack…

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