The mommy blogs…

There are blogs for every season of ones life it seems, and I get suckered into all of them. Planning a wedding? I bet every bride on the planet reads Style Me Pretty or Green Wedding Shoes. Buying a house? I bet you’re reading Young House Love. Cooking dinner? I bet you’re reading Smitten Kitchen at least 2-3 times a week (and shaking your head and realizing this is too complicated and going right on over to Real Simple or something else more manageable). Looking for financial advice? Going on a diet? I don’t have examples for these…cuz well…they aren’t on my life agenda right now, but i’m positive they’re  out there….and people are reading them.

Mom blogs is a whole new world to me. I dabbled on some “Babbles best” blogs when pregs with the stink, but none of them realllly grabbed my attention. TO be honest, I find them boring and whiny or simply there as a way for some moms to be self assured they’re not messing up their kids. This one is pro- cloth diapers and organic mumbo jumbo. This one is pro-attachment parenting and if you put your kid down for 5 seconds they’ll be emotionally destroyed. This one is pro- cry it out, which apparently, is a hot button for just about anyyyyyyyyybody who disagrees with it. “Oh you let you’re baby cry? You’re a horrible person and we should all call child services on you”. This one over here? Oh this is the one where you can go to feel horrible about your lack of crafty skills or the fact that your day isn’t scheduled around your childs “mental desires for the day”. It’s all a bunch of hooey.

EXCEPT these ones, Goggin approved for snark and hilarity:

1.  Rants from Mommyland. THIS STUFF IS GOLD. I clearly love me some sarcasm and wit, and this blog…is oozing with it. I can’t stand know it alls and they are no where on this site, frankly, know it alls would probably find this stuff revolting and a danger to society. But honestly, I can’t stop laughing at it. It’s raw, its honest, it’s filled with snark… it’s my favorite.  (does it make me a know it all if I say you should read this because it’s the best thing out there? did I just turn myself into a blog hypocrite? meh…)

2. Pregnant Chicken. Ok, so I’m not pregnant anymore, and these are spose to be “mom blogs”, but pregnant women are moms to be…so it counts. And I wouldn’t of made it through those 9 months of being a human incubator without this gem.

Today’s feature is about this book…


Bahahaha…It’s just too good.

3. NickMom. No, this isn’t a website on moms whose kids love nickelodeon…but I’m sure the moms reading it do have kids that watch that channel…This “Mother Funny” website is filled with cartoons, top whatever number lists, videos, rants, etc. etc. Want to read an expose on why it’s good to have a merman for a husband? this is the site for you. Want to read how parenting is like double dare? Go on….enjoy.

4. Mommy Shorts. First world problems, pre-school edition. Or 9 reasons why my daughter hates me. Or New baby hazing in 10 easy steps…are just a few of my favorite posts…Some of you are probably disgusted at the fact someone would write an article about why their child might hate them…well to be honest, it’s probably true sometimes (yes i said it), so we SHOULD laugh about it…Luke doesn’t like me all the time…sometimes he cries, and is grumpy, or doesn’t want to take a bath when I want him to…but instead of feeling sad about it, I find joy in the fact that his face is stinking adorable when he’s a bit pouty…and remember i like nice smelling luke over milky puke luke any day.

Happy Reading!

P.s. if Jenny Johnson ever becomes a mom and writes a blog…that’s going to the top of my list…



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