The happiest place on earth…

I’ve wanted to go to Disney for like ever. I told my parents i’d rather get a trip to Disney then go to college…I obviously made the more “adult” choice, but still, I want to go again. Not being back since I was 3, when I don’t remember anything that isn’t on our home videos, is basically a form of child torture (kidding parents). I used to watch the Disney hotel preview video all the time just for a taste. When Rosie and them went to Disney for a week on her show? Hooked (specially when N*Sync made appearances). Now that we have a kiddo, I know I’ll be getting the chance to go and probably more than once and it probably won’t live up to my expectations, but oh well. I did go to Disneyland when i was a teenager, and that was just…not the same.


Now, I in NO way would classify myself as a “runner”. I have two feet that can move in a running motion, but do I have the stamina to actually do that for a long time? Not really. But, I have on my bucket list to run at least a half marathon…and if nothing else this may help with the leftover squish squish.

SO, you hear it here first. Seriously contemplating getting my butt in gear and training for the Disney World Half Marathon in January. If a trip to sunny Florida in January to Disney World isn’t enough to motivate me…then seriously…NOTHING ON THIS PLANET IS and I mean NOTHING. And you get to dress up in Disney gear..whats cooler than seeing a bunch of grown adults wearing mouse ears and giant fat pooh costumes running around a theme park…probably nothing. I’d probably go for something more appropriate for my attitude about running…like Eeyore or Dopey…

This will not be me.
This will not be me.

Luke will only be a year old, so he honestly won’t remember anyyyyyy of the trip this time, but we know we’ll be back, probably with another one in tow…maybe.

Now, this is my thought today, ask me how I’m feeling about potentially doing this after I actually attempt physical excursion after months of being a waddling slug.



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