Go the F to sleep.

Teaching a newborn to get to sleep, stay asleep, and figure out that sleep is a good good thing…is well…challenging. I feel like you could get a PhD in sleep training with all the theories, ideas, ,models, schedules, hooplah that’s out there. Oh you think letting him wail is good? Oh wait, that can give him ADHD later in life? Cool. Oh you think that holding him by his ankles and singing to him simultaneously is better? Fine (That doesn’t exist but it’d kinda be fun if it did).

Just when I think I figure it out…I get confused again or wee one decides to change it up on us. The last few nights, homeboy is enjoying waking up at 2:45…and I know he ain’t hungry; I just know it. P and I are playing the pacifier game with him til about 4:30 am; it’s not a very fun game for adults, but for him I bet her thoroughly enjoys it.

“Oh, If I spit this out (even though I really want it), they’ll come in here all zombie eye’d and give it back to me….perfect!”

Last night, P and I both got up not realizing that I was already in the room with the tiny one…I think we’re hearing baby cries in our dreams.

I am determined to figure this out. Tonight we shall be trying this beauteous new white noise app I just got (it’s kept him napping for almost 2 hours!) and potentially a different bed time…

Sleep fairies, please visit us tonight.



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