Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. What that means for the majority of the world is that Easter is a week away. We did the typical sunday thing around here, went to church, went out to lunch, but then we added in some festive twists…

Luke has a friend (in as much as newborns can be friends) who is exactly 2 months older than he is. This wee ones dad and P are…let’s say…a unique pairing :). After the service, we found ourselves hanging out off to the side and that quickly turned into battle of the babies…which let’s be honest…is just unfair because theres no way a 2 month old could ever really beat a 4 month old, ‘cept maybe in drooling, …but we’ll give it to ya…THIS TIME.




If there is one place I hate taking photos in…it’s our church…it’s dark, its yellowy, it’s shadowy, it’s bad. No matter how hard I try or what settings I try…bad…ugh.

An attempt at a family picture...well try again next week.
An attempt at a family picture…well try again next week.








66% of the kids in this picture are happy.
66% of the kids in this picture are happy.

After church we went to the mall to fulfill one of my dorky parenty wishes…see Luke with the creepy Easter Bunny…I said if there were anymore than 5 people in line we wouldn’t wait..well…no one was there…so we did it :). Sorry buddy, you’ll probably fear rabbits for the rest of your life now…but I found it joyously comical.

pre-bunny anxieties
pre-bunny anxieties
I think The Ellen Show would appreciate this...
I think The Ellen Show would appreciate this…






post-bunny anxieties
post-bunny anxieties

Parents of the year…I tell ya.

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