A boy and his pup.

I always had high hopes that Luke and Gracie would become fast friends. That she would just be like a big furry tractor toy for him.


That she would be his protector and bark at anyone she thought was picking on him. That he would learn to love her furry wackyness just as much as we do…(yes I get it you are all rolling your eyes that I had dreams about the relationship of my baby and my dog, but I’m a dog person, so it’s fine).

Most of the time, they kinda leave each other alone. Gracie will come up and lick his face and get all the milk residue off sometimes. Or she’ll lay next to us if we’re all snuggling on the couch, but mostly she’s focused on one of two things, a bone, or wedging herself in between us so that we can pet her too.

Well, this morning I got’sa lil glimmer into my dream baby-puppy relationship. In the midst of my baby glamour shot session (like I do…alot); fuzzy face came right up and snuggled next to warm, squishy baby and gave me some hope that these two will truly be puppy-baby bff’s like I always hoped for…(I know all it takes is one swift pat of that big paw or too much licking when someones not in the mood to change all this, but for now…I like it).

Something is sniffing me….

DSC_6317 DSC_6322 Lightroom (DSC_6323.JPG and 1 other) DSC_6331 DSC_6336 DSC_6340 DSC_6345 DSC_6367 Lightroom (DSC_6376.JPG and 1 other) DSC_6402 DSC_6386

Baby boy boxer shorts...I mean, cmon.
Baby boy boxer shorts…I mean, cmon.

DSC_6391 DSC_6392 DSC_6358

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  1. Regan says:

    he is getting so big! he looks like a little boy in some of these pics instead of a newborn baby!! so sweet.

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