Elite 8

March Madness, not just a basketball tournament anymore…oh no, its life with an 8 week old. Just when I get used to something, this one goes and changes things up on me…but this time, Ill take it!

DSC_6143 copy

Now this doesnt mean I SLEPT for 7 hours straight, but its a step in the right direction. For about 2 weeks, kiddos been on a consistent 5 hour stretch at night. Well last night we tried something a lil different and whammmooo, 7 hours, thank you baby wise wizard Kendra. She taught me that just because he cries at 3am it doesnt mean hes hungry…it was like someone finally woke me up from my baby induced stupor…why didn’t I think of that…

SO, we gave it a go with offering pacifier (magical plastic suck toy) instead of food and we extended from 5 to 7 hours…

Now if he could sleep 7 hours without waking…my world will be sunshiney again.

Lightroom (DSC_6136.JPG and 1 other)

Lightroom (DSC_6152.JPG and 1 other)


Favorite toy of the moment, mr.big sun head

Lightroom (DSC_6197.JPG and 1 other)

Lightroom (DSC_6204.JPG and 1 other)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    Hey I know that “Mr. Sun Head,” only I thought it was a lion perhaps…?? šŸ™‚

    1. lcmerchant says:

      Lion…Sun head….one in the same right? (im an idiot)

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