Gone Dancin.

Not 3 days ago was some one asking me who I would root for in the NCAA tournament since my Alma Mater most always never makes it in…so I always just root for UMD (when they make it…). Well, going with the normal expectations, I said “JMU will probably never make it back to the tournament anytime soon…so probably Maryland if they get in…” Well well well basketball Gods, I surrender, GLADLY.

Last night, my mighty mighty Dukes in their beautiful purple and gold uniforms gave Northeastern a serious whooooooopin, spankin, all of those thangs. It was a thing of b-e-a-u-t-y.


But ya know my first thought after seeing them win?? It’s sad that Linwood isn’t around to be president when they finally made it happen after 19 years! Oh well, I’m over it.

I know the likelihood of them making it very far are slim (maybe my negative nancyness will propel them into the final 4), and that they will probably play on the other side of the country and the opportunity to see a game live isn’t possible…but it would be pretty sweet…and I already have a really future student (potentially) for the class of 2035 (WHAT?!) that would LOVE to go…

J.M.U. Duuuuukessss.
J.M.U. Duuuuukessss.


I got my dancin shoes on, let’s do this Dukes!

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