Kiss Kiss Pass.

Ya’ll know that saying “puff puff pass”…well, in baby land I have affectionately changed the name to Kiss Kiss Pass (KKP) to refer to the baby meet n greets. Luke wasn’t happy with our original outfit we picked out for him to wear for this lil event, so he found the one sure fire way to make us change him into another fly (yea i said it) outfit. Don’t worry, I washed it and made him wear it to church the next day. I’m frantically putting him in everything he hasn’t worn yet since he is growing like a weeeeeeeeed. What not even 2 month old grows outta their 3 month stuff already?? One of parents above 6 feet tall apparently, good thing baby high waters are cute.

There are still plenty more people to play KKP with, hopefully we get around to everyone before that icky stranger anxiety kicks in…


Great gramps has a world of good tales for you kid.
Great gramps has a world of good tales for you kid.
Good ole Tob-ster.
Good ole Tob-ster.


Auntie Cafferineeeee...we talk in the same voices...don't get confused and root on her.
Auntie Cafferineeeee…we talk in the same voices…don’t get confused and root on her.


Do you have a booger in your nose kid? #grandparentgaze

Lightroom (DSC_5895.JPG and 1 other)

Lightroom (DSC_5878.JPG and 1 other)

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