Grip it…Grip it good.

On the agenda for the 2 month milestone…GRIP SH*T (Sorry its probably awful to curse in a post about babies learning to grip things)…another reason why I need to invest in this…


I digress…

Anywhooooooo. Like I was saying, wee one needs to learn how to use those big man paws other wise known as hands (or right now I refer to them as the face scratchers from the lost lagoon with fingernails that grow 10 inches a day). SO, being the wonderfully in-tuned grammie that she is, we set to work on making homeboy grab on to…well…stuff.

Lightroom (DSC_5757.JPG and 1 other)

You want me to grab what now?
You want me to grab what now?
Fine, I'll do a boss.
Fine, I’ll do it…like a boss.





Lightroom (DSC_5813.JPG and 1 other)
Sweating outta his mouth…Tummy Time is tough ish.
Totally engaged in story time...
Totally engaged in story time…

The things we do for you kid…. šŸ™‚

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