The Snow Day.

Ok, so we’ve had more than ONE snow day around here, but honestly, this was the first snow day of the entire winter that really was worth a lick. My biggest fears were that we would get a boatload of snow this winter since I was going to be 9 months pregnant in January, making it impossible for us to get anywhere when buddy boy decided to come. I just thought karma worked that way…luckily…the “snow storm” (people in the north are laughing at us for the pitiful 6 inches we got around here) waited to embark on us until March. Thanks Mr. Snow Miser…


Seeing as this was Luke and Gracies first real experience with snow, we had to make the most of it. That meaning at least go outside and frolic in it for a few minutes…

Lightroom (DSC_5578.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_5632.JPG and 2 others) DSC_5652Lightroom (DSC_5591.JPG and 1 other)

Ill give you one guess as to who enjoyed the snow more…


DSC_5640Yup, that one. All it took were about 5 icey cold snowflakes on the face before wee one was over it…You’re a winter baby kid…you better embrace it. Gonna be a long life of unhappy snow-themed bday parties if you don’t…

So, we did the other thing you do on snow days besides snowmen and freezing to death..sat inside, ate a lot, watched TV…and flirted with this one.

Lightroom (DSC_5551.JPG and 1 other)

Lightroom (DSC_5502.JPG and 1 other)DSC_5535



DSC_5547Lightroom (DSC_5700.JPG and 1 other)Lightroom (DSC_5730.JPG and 1 other)Lightroom (DSC_5714.JPG and 2 others)

(3 days old to 7 weeks old) Proof of plumpness.
(3 days old to 7 weeks old) Proof of plumpness.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed your snow day as much as we did!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Love the chin rest (must be a golden thing because we see it a lot too), love all the pics of your boy & girl together, and how do you get to collage your pics momma?

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