“Who does he look like?”

Is the question we are getting lots and lots lately. People look at Luke and go “hmmmm”, which sometimes makes us think we picked up the wrong baby, but I swear, those wristlets matched up, you are OURS.

On the average, polls would show that squish is favoring me at the moment, but we know that could all change from day to day. So either I look like a baby boy, or you look like a 27 year old female…which is it huh? All we know is that you are a darling lil monster who makes a gallery of faces for me to photograph everyday.

Its the "I'm about to give you something special to change" look
Its the “I’m about to give you something special to change” look

Lightroom (DSC_5403.JPG and 2 others)

Already the stink eye at 6 weeks....great.
Already the stink eye at 6 weeks….great.






Lightroom (DSC_5469.JPG and 1 other)

Lightroom (DSC_5476.JPG and 1 other)

And if you are wondering what’s happening with Gracie lately…well…sleeping under the couch is number 1 on her list of favorite activities these days…I think she’s T.O’d that squish got his own room and she didn’t…DSC_5422 she is gonna be so cranks when we get a couch she can’t crawl under…

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  1. Kelly says:

    He looks like Pete!!

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