The Projectile.

Few things have rattled me so far during this whole “parenting” thing. Beyond that one overflowing diaper of black tar in the beginning, I’ve played it fairly cool (at least I think so…if you have a differing opinion, kindly place it in a “For your consideration” comment box and never let me read it please). That allllllll changed last night…

P and I have come to call squish more of like a pet than a real person, simply because we’ve gotten very minimal amount of feedback for ALL OF THE KIND HEARTED AND SELFLESS THINGS we’ve been doing for him…it’s fine though…really.

Well, last night, I was both rattled and overjoyed all within about a 5 minute time span. Last night, we got LEGIT SMILES. Not just those gas smiles, and not just 1 and then none for another 10 minutes, but several back to back and they were at US, not while looking at the curtains or the ceiling as if he just spent the last 15 minutes doping up and is seeing a colonial woman hanging out on the wing or something (yes still watching too much bridesmaids).

Lightroom (DSC_5339.JPG and 2 others) DSC_5355 Lightroom (DSC_5359.JPG and 2 others) Lightroom (DSC_5380.JPG and 1 other) DSC_5353

Someone wanted to make sure we weren’t too comfortable with just watching him be all nice and smiley and squishy, oh no. Nope, not talking a giant burp, or a wee bit of spit up, or even a nice present awaiting down below…oh no. Ounces of precious milk came shooting outta his mouth in an exorcist type fashion. When you aren’t expecting it…this is rather nerve shattering, milk shooting out of your childs mouth like someone just opened the hoover dam is NOT OK. After the initial “THE F?” reaction, I went right to my google to type in “normal projectile spit up newborn”…as if there is such a thing as normal projectiling anything…My google searches have gotten real weird yall…”why is my newborns poop green and not yellow”, “when will my child sleep longer”, “can dog saliva hurt my baby”, etc. etc.

Homeboy is fine. He’s just a little glutton and just spent too much time at the buffet that night, this aint the sizzler kid, there will be more left for next time.

As for moms nerves? I got over it quickly and have since recovered. I hope to be more prepared next time with a nice poncho and perhaps a shield for protection.

My child, the cross eyed king of the spit ups…mamas so proud.

DSC_5328 Lightroom (DSC_5333.JPG and 1 other) DSC_5326

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  1. Lisa says:

    Funniest, cutest, silliest, best mommy story and baby picture to date! Love it, keep writing!

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