You’re not lost.

I changed things up a bit, remember I warned you. I finally settled on a new name for this sucker…look up…yep…that’s the new title.

Now, I’ve never been able to keep a diary, like a real one that you write stuff in like “a really sad hand written book”.

I did however have one of those electronic toy diaries back in the day, but I believe I only used it to put those very important events of my 9 year old life in it, like grilled cheese day in the cafeteria (I went on to write these in my “adult” college planner too…at least I’m consistent).

But anyway, diaries include updates and stories about our lives and our random thoughts, so therefore…this makes sense to me. So, onward and upward, but for the time being well keep the URL the same to help ya’ll ease into this change, I know change is hard…but you’ll like it, it’s sweet.

Welcome to the Goggin Diaries, where I keep it real and not hidden in my sock drawer.

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