Gummy grin.

Did you know that if you rub squish’s nose in a circular motion he’ll fall right to sleep? Well of course you don’t know that, but now you do…fun fact of the day. Granted, it leaves him looking like rudolph the red nosed reindeer, but hey, at 1:30 in the morning when my latest episode of Big Love is over and I’m too tired to start another one, it’s a lovely lil trick.

I have nothing insightful to write about. I could write about the mediocre oscars and my hatred of the les mis performance…again. Or I could talk about the white chocolate m & m’s I found at Target and quickly ate a whole bag of. Or, I could even talk about the amount of times gracie spewed after her snippage surgery, but I know why ya’ll come here…soo…here ya go:

5 weeks 1 DSC_4990 DSC_5008 Also, you are becoming increasingly more entertaining. Mainly because we are finding creative ways to keep you awake before bed time and this unfortunately means for you that you become a human puppet of some sorts…DSC_4986 5 weeks old and getting chubbier everyday…hallelujah. 5 weeks 2 DSC_5229Lightroom (DSC_5038.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_5183.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_5234.JPG and 1 other) DSC_5080 DSC_5041 DSC_5029 Lightroom (DSC_5060.JPG and 1 other) DSC_5152 Lightroom (DSC_5086.JPG and 1 other) DSC_4971 Lightroom (DSC_5293.JPG and 1 other) Is there anything sweeter then just watching a newborn snuggle into position while they are sleeping?? DSC_5320 DSC_5321

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