What I’m Watching

I’ve been watching mondo amounts of television lately. Being home all day with squish and then watching things during our nighttime cocktail hours has provided me with lots of opportunity to catch up on the obscure tv shows I’ve just been missing out on. Well, lucky for you, I’m here to shine a little light on some of the gems the world isn’t watching…or they are watching and I’m just late to the party and think I’m cool now.

First Up:

Little Britain/Little Britain USA

Ya know the bald british roommate of kristen wiggs in bridesmaids right? Well, hes flippin hilarious and a sketch comedy genius in my opinion. I know some sketch comedies are weird and don’t come across well, specially the brit ones, but this stuff is so good and i don’t think its just cuz i watch this when im deliriously tired during the night I swear:

Mostly I need yall to watch so when I start quoting this in daily life you know what I’m talking about…

They also created a stupidly funny show focusing on an airport in Britain…These two are quickly becoming an L-Gogg favorite..

Double Divas

Yes, it’s on lifetime and yes its about two southern womens lingerie store…but seriously…these two quacks are entertaining. Wouldn’t you have to have a good sense of humor if your sole purpose on life was to fit chesty women into bras? It makes sense to me, and it’s funny and sweet.

Duck Dynasty

Ok I know most of the world is already watching this, but seriously, if you’re not, who do you think you are? Too good for these people? I think not. I could seriously listen to Phil and Ms.Kay commentate on life for hours…and don’t get me started on Uncle Sy….I think my new goal in life is to have my family be like these people…they’re basically real life Beverly Hillbillies with Ducks instead of Oil…television gold


Again, I know most of the world (who get HBO) are watching this show, or is it one of those shows like 30 rock that wins all the awards and yet still no one watches, but it’s going to get to the point that if you don’t watch it, you’re going to have no clue what I’m talking about…I know Lena Dunham is not much to look at…and she makes you look at ALOT of her OFTEN, but I think she makes up for it with ridiculously witty and smart dialogue…and Andrew Rannells, hands down, this show, is epic.

What this should tell the world is I need to get outta the house more…

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