LTG: One Month

One Month

Yep, One month. That’s how old squishy baby is. I can’t believe it. Well…I that I feel like I haven’t slept well in a month, cuz well…I haven’t. But, honestly kid, a month already? Get outta town.

Goals for month 2:
– Sleeping 8 hours (baby wise tells me this will happen…therefore I shall make it happen)
– Nursing once in public (mostly cuz I want to make everyone around me uncomfortable…I’m thinking a nice booth in Panera would be a nice start…)
– Plump up some more (Mama wants some chubby rolls)
– Go out with you on my own (Ok this one is easy because I’m tackling it today, so this ones a freebie to make me feel better if I don’t do 1-3)
-Get rid of remaining squish on me (this will require me to exercise…oh’ll probably look like this:)


Lightroom (DSC_4833.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_4886.JPG and 1 other) DSC_4895 DSC_4894 DSC_4842 Lightroom (DSC_4862.JPG and 1 other) DSC_4918 DSC_4922 DSC_4927 DSC_4929 DSC_4942 DSC_4934 Lightroom (DSC_4902.JPG and 1 other) DSC_4943 DSC_4946

Um how adorable are ‘dem boots? Thank you Wifey for sending them all the way from Cali-Forn-I-A!

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  1. Chris Harmon says:

    Hey mom, I am not too sure this bow tie goes with the cowboy boots?!?

  2. katieedson says:

    OH MY GOOOOOOOSH! in love w/ LTG (and the boots, duh!)

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