Unless you are living under a rock and haven’t looked at a calendar, or walked by a hallmark store in awhile, it’s pretty clear that today is Valentines day. That day that most people pretend to hate but secretly love because lets be honest those chocolates in the boxes are good (yes I even eat the cherry sticky ones)…admit it…and don’t pretend like you don’t look forward to candy…EVERYONE LOVES CANDY, hence everyone loves valentines day…that’s a theory I’m sticking by. And besides, what is SO WRONG about celebrating the ones we love? Nothing, that’s what. This kid knows how to work it…


This year, I’m lucky to have a furry valentine, a grown up valentine, and a squishy baby valentine. He’s been leaving me sweet valentines day presents all the live long day…he truly is romantic. Gracie’s valentine to me was getting super muddy and coming inside smelling like dirty snow…what a doll. And last night P brought home a dozen dunkin donuts for dinner…CANT IT BE VALENTINES EVERYDAY?? No is the answer to that- from my future fat self if that actually was the case.

Anyways, my gift to ya’ll are pictures of my squishy baby valentine…This is super selfish and prideful of me isn’t it, thinking this is all you want for valentines day…I didn’t get to the store to get ya’ll candy because of squishy baby, but just know…I thought about it…and it’s the thought that counts right? Right.

Lightroom (DSC_4413.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_4492.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_4477.JPG and 1 other)
DSC_4453 DSC_4472 DSC_4494Lightroom (DSC_4445.JPG and 1 other) DSC_4460-2 DSC_4462Lightroom (DSC_4573.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_4538.JPG and 1 other) DSC_4611Lightroom (DSC_4603.JPG and 1 other) Lightroom (DSC_4628.JPG and 1 other) DSC_4625 DSC_4630 DSC_4644 Lightroom (DSC_4666.JPG and 1 other)

Happy Valentines Day, Cheers!

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  1. Chris Harmon says:

    Your best Valentine’s day ever! beautiful baby and pictures:)

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