The Mess.

No…I’m not gonna write about all the lovely messes someone is consistently leaving us as presents in his patootie. Christmas is over, enough with the presents and my birthdays not til April kid…don’t you know anything yet??? Geesh.

P has affectionately termed those layette’s with no feet or legs in them as “messes” because…honestly they’re dresses for babies. But if you say “mess” as in “man dress” it’s way more appropriate…but really…they’re baby dresses, and ITS FINE.

I just think they’re stinkin adorable and so flippin convenient (once you get them on…try getting a squirmy baby into a long sleeve of fabric…people deserve medals for this kinda stuff)….more “messes” please, the cute fabric kind…less on the…ahem…other kind :).

DSC_2355 DSC_2367 DSC_2393 DSC_2405 DSC_2415 DSC_2431 DSC_2440 DSC_2482 DSC_2488 DSC_2498 DSC_2563 DSC_2569 DSC_2607 DSC_2620 DSC_2371

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