Contemplating a change…

I get “blog bored” easily. I change my theme of this sucker at least 2-3 times a year to keep it “fresh”. Annie Walker type fresh:

Note: I’ve been watching ALOT of Bridesmaids lately, its on HBO basically 24/7 and if it’s on…I’m gonna watch it…cuz thats what ya do.

In addition to a new look soon, I’m thinking about changing the name of this sucker. It just doesn’t seem to fit me anymore and it’s taken a turn from mostly being me ranting and raving about music and other things I like, to just the inner musing of our daily lives…with some sarcastic ranting on the side.

So, if you come here one day and the title is something completely different, don’t leave. Stay awhile and tuck in for some future insight into the inner workings of mah brain.


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