The First Week.

Baby Luke’s first week was BUSY with a whole lot of lazy, sleeping on the side (sleeping part done by him and him alone obviously).

Our first few days in the hospital, homeboy spent most of his days, sleeping, eating, getting pricked and prodded, getting an (ahem) cosmetic and in my personal opinion incredibly necessary snippage, and meeting a slew of new people who have been anxiously awaiting his arrival.

DSC_0748 DSC_0751

Kelci the favorite nurse of the bunch who entertained me all day day 2
Kelci the favorite nurse of the bunch who entertained me all day day 2

DSC_0804 DSC_0784

Grammie, Pappy, P-Pat, Grampa, Gi-Gi (I’m dubbing you this name Ginger, hope you don’t mind), Great-Grampa,  and a handful of real and fakey “Aunts” and “Uncles” that we slipped in when the nursing staff wasn’t really paying attention to us. Score 1 for the rule breakers.

DSC_0915 DSC_0921 DSC_0948 DSC_1008 DSC_0963 DSC_1010 DSC_1019

As much fun as it was to lay around, basically have room service 24/7, and to have nurses to help us when necessary, we were ready to bust outta there come Sunday. Discharge and transport couldn’t of arrived soon enough. Goggin’s OUT (drop the mic).

DSC_0977 DSC_1027

Ready. To.Go.HOME!
Ready. To.Go.HOME!

DSC_1174 DSC_1176 DSC_1190 DSC_1216

We figured out pretty quickly the things you Like and those things which you LOATHE ENTIRELY.


  1. Milk
  2. Being snuggled
  3. Milk
  4. Rockin and Vibrating Contraptions
  5. Milk

Hate Hate Hate:

  1. Being Changed
  2. Being Cold
  3. Being Changed
  4. Any instance of being slightly hungry
  5. The flash on my camera…get over that one.
  6. Bath time

I may punch myself later for jinxing myself, but thank the lord little Luke is not a fussy baby for fuss-sakes. When he cries, we know its one of three things: hungry, wet or muddy, or cold; all of which have easy solutions…for now. And to be honest, we ARE sleeping, I have completely forgotten what it’s like to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time, but zombie-state hasn’t kicked in it. Check back in in a week since this is our first week on our OWN, with no help. This past week we were incredibly spoiled with my mom being here to keep the house in running order and another set of hands to keep the milk-hound happy.

First Bath, these you hate.

DSC_1245 DSC_1546 DSC_1550 DSC_1557 DSC_1578

Meet N Greet.
Meet N Greet.
"This I like..."
“This I like…”



Auntie Kristine.
Auntie Kristine.
Auntie Meg Meg
Auntie Meg Meg
Gi Gi Snuggle time.
Gi Gi Snuggle time.
Uncle Mo.
Uncle Mo.
"Watching" his first MD vs Duke Game.
“Watching” his first MD vs Duke Game.

Luke’s only outing this week was a big adventure to the doctor for the 24 hours post hospital visit. So far you are in tip-top shape and getting fatter by the day, now that you are on the outside I FULLY support this development.

Fresh air is on the agenda this week since the snow is moving out and 60 degree weather is moving in, stay tuned for how THAT goes :).

DSC_1625 DSC_1642

On to Week 2!


P.s. Dog lovers, pray for Gracie, she’s been fussy about her eating ever since we got home…breaking mommies heart even though she loves the bambino…please eat normally soon Pup.

Giving mama the stink eye...
Giving mama the stink eye…

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