38 weeks.

Ok kid, I know you think you have 2 solid more weeks of womb time… but I think you’re being a bit greedy here. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses and meet us already!


Find myself just walking by your room, opening the door and wondering how much longer until there is no more vacancy in this lil nursery of yours…Your friends are already getting along and playing without you…doesn’t that make you jealous? DSC_0392goodies I’ve been having weird dreams that I sleep through the night and forget to feed you, or we go to the movies or somewhere and forget you at home…I am pretty clear this will be impossible, but it’s making me feel that lil bit extra special…waiting I’m no longer going on site for work, as excited as I am to not have to see 66 for awhile, I’m going to miss those kids. They spoiled me with balloons, and diaper cakes, and cupcakes, and cookies, and laughter induced heartburn. Thanks kids, the snarky one misses you already…just a bit. DSC_0408 Forever counting down… DSC_0413
This is our last “baby free” weekend coming up…the only things on my agenda (which you can change if you so choose by coming this weekend, it’s fine, I won’t be mad) are to get a pedi and take Gracie to play with her bff tucker for a bit. A little spoiling can only help our transition right? Right. As much as I said she got enough toys at Christmas and wont get anymore for when we come home…I got her 2 new ones yesterday…if this is how I spoil the dog…watch out kid…and P….sorry in advanced :).

Can i help you?
Can i help you?
This stick is mine...and mine alone.
This stick is mine…and mine alone.

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