“How are you feeling?”

Is the question I’ve been getting over and over again. I must be looking at hot hot mess of pregnant ick because this little question is filling many components of my day. Or most people just feel really bad for me at this point because they’ve been there and know what my lil world is like these days…

How I’m feeling can be split into 2 categories, the physical and the emotional.

Let’s start with the physical.

1. Stuffed- Stuffed in the sinuses, stuffed in the stomach to the point where I don’t feel like eating much at all, stuffed in the lungs and feeling short of breath most hours…not being helped by the inability to breath outta my nose. Just Stuffed.

2. Ouch– Thankfully I only have 1.5 days of office life left…sitting in these oh so comfortable chairs is doing a number on my upper back. And add on top of that the fact that I’m carrying around a watermelon in a place that is stretched to capacity and I am one uncomfortable person most of the time.

3. Tired– It’s not cuz I’m not sleeping…cuz I am…a lot…so I have no answer for this one besides the fact that lil lad is sucking away all my energy reserves.

Now onto the emotional part.

1. O-v-e-r it.- Ever get to that point where you are just so over something you can’t focus on anything else but having it go away? I am THERE. Third trimester is no joke, and the last part of those 3 months are slow, painful, and torturous. There is definitely a reason pregnancy lasts 9 months, if you made women go 10 months, there would be an increase in the amount of women in mental hospitals who simply went insane from being pregnant. Also, my old clothes in my closet are taunting me with their buttons and zippers and clean lines…curse you. I WILL be back in you soon.

2. Conflicted– Because lil lad has a soon to be adorably large head (soon to be because right now i dont find it adorable as it has yet to make an exit) the option of a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks is on the table. Knowing me and my not-so-great under pressure personality, this option is incredibly tempting for several reasons and yet not an easy one to make for many others…either well make the choice or he’ll make the choice for me…what’s it gonna be dude?

3. Excited– We’re having a kid soon. That’s enough to excite my entire soul.

4. Wanna Vomit– Oh yea, we’re having a KID SOON?!?! Holy Biscuits. Holy Moses. Holy Shnikes. THIS IS SCARY.

There ya have it.

20 days and counting until predicted eviction day…Oh baby.


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